Is Low Testosterone Getting You Down?

14 Sep

Is Low Testosterone Getting You Down?

For the ageing man, testosterone can start to diminish from as early on as their 30s, but more commonly, later in life. Low testosterone can impact many parts of a man’s life, these include:

  • Infertility
  • Heart health
  • Hair growth
  • Emotions
  • Sex libido
  • Muscle mass 

Infertility is a common problem for couples who want to conceive for a baby. Low testosterone can affect sperm mobility. If sperm cannot reach the women’s egg, then conception is relatively low. 

Testosterone is not just present in males either. Women need testosterone too but in much smaller amounts. The hormone is essential for heart health and producing red blood cells. The more testosterone, the more cell production and the more oxygen that can reach our cells, tissues and organs. 

Low testosterone also means less hair growth. On the contrary, high testosterone levels are what contribute to facial hair in women. A blood test can analyse the level of hormone within the body and whether there is a hormone imbalance. 

Too much testosterone can lead to aggression which impacts our behaviour towards others. Testosterone is a very complex hormone which can affect our mood and emotions.

Sex drive or libido is what contributes to how sexually active a man is. The more testosterone he has, the more drive and interest he will have for sex. Low testosterone contributes to a lower desire which can impact sexual relationships and the ease of conceiving for a baby. 

Males that project a more bulkier body mass are likely to have more testosterone. It is the essential hormone for building core muscle and what defines the male build, in comparison to females. 

Reassuringly, low testosterone can be addressed in a number of ways. Reducing your alcohol intake should definitely be the number one solution on your list. Stress is another factor can affect testosterone levels.

Testosterone treatments can be easily increased using prescribed supplements in the form of pills, patches and gels like Testogel.

You don’t have to battle low testosterone on your own. There is a solution for you that can change your life today.

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