Which Contraceptive Pill Should I Choose?

24 Jul

Which Contraceptive Pill Should I Choose?

Choosing the right contraceptive pill is fundamental to ensure it works for you. There is no one pill that fits all, as the pill that works for you will depend on your lifestyle factors, such as BMI and medical history.

There are many names of contraceptive pills available in the UK, including Dianette and Cerazette. Cerazetteis one of the most commonly prescribed contraceptive pills.

Your first decision alone or with your partner, will be to go on the pill. This may be because you want to enjoy sex without getting pregnant.

Will There Be Side Effects?

When you start the pill, you will need to identify how well you tolerate it and if you experience any side effects. In the first three months of starting the pill, it is not uncommon for women to experience side effects, but these usually improve. If you don’t see any improvement, then you may want to consider changing to a different pill. It’s not unusual for a woman to try lots of different contraceptive pills, before finding the right one for her.

Using the Contraceptive Pill to Combat Acne

Did you know that a contraceptive pill can help improve or treat acne. The pills help balance out the oestrogen hormone present inside the body. When you take a contraceptive pill containing oestrogen it can help combat the effects of the androgen hormones which are responsible for producing excess sebum. 

Note that if a contraceptive pill just contains progesterone then this can actually make acne worse. 

What Type of Pill When Breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding you should not take a pill that contains oestrogen. Instead, a mini pill that contains only progesterone is suitable and won’t affect the production of milk or harm your breastfeeding baby. 

Mini pills should be taken within three hours before sexual intercourse. Cerazette is an example of a mini pill and can be taken 12 hours before sexual intercourse which gives better flexibility for women who have irregular sleeping patterns. 

Will The Pill Stop My Headaches?

If you suffer from headaches, the contraceptive pill can help improve your headache, but it may also worsen it. So be careful and listen to your symptoms and whether they are getting better or worse. The onset of headaches is usually because of changes in hormones and so the pill can help balance out any increased levels of a particular hormone. 

If the pill you choose has a concentration of less than 20mg, then this is less likely to cause headaches or worsen them. 

If you suddenly stop taking the pill, then you may experience a migraine because of the sudden drop in oestrogen that was present inside the pill. 

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