How Erectile Dysfunction Occurs

Erectile dysfunction, which is sometimes called ED or impotence, simply means you have trouble getting or keeping an erection. It’s an incredibly common problem, especially as you get older. In fact, half of all men who fall between 40 and 70 years of age have it to some degree.

Should I See My GP?

If you’re dealing with ED, you’ll want to see your GP if you’ve been having the problem for more than a couple of weeks. Typically, your GP will want to know how you are overall, as ED can sometimes be the first sign of a more serious problem like heart disease.

Why It Happens

ED is caused by a number of different factors. You could have a physical problem like a hormonal issue or an injury. Your blood vessels could also be narrowing. You could also have a psychological problem behind your ED like anxiety or depression.

In some cases, you may only notice ED in certain settings. You may have no problem with erections when you’re masturbating, but you may have a serious issue when you’re in bed with your partner. In cases like those, there’s usually a psychological cause. If you simply cannot get an erection, though, it may be a physical cause. ED could even be caused by a medication you take on a regular basis.

Because there are so many different problems behind ED, getting it treated right away is a must.

Having It Diagnosed and Treated

Your GP can usually tell you more about why you’re dealing with ED. You’ll need to answer several questions about the symptoms and undergo some simple tests. Treatment is based on why the ED happens initially. In some cases, lifestyle changes like exercise and reducing alcohol intake can help to reduce your ED. In other cases, you may be given medication to help you deal with the problem. Vacuum pumps can also play a role. If you’re dealing with ED because of psychological issues, counseling may help.

Understanding ED can help you understand why you’re facing this issue and how to get the right help.

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